Committe Structure & Members 2021-2022

Committee Structure and Members  

DMBC Parish Council's Joint Consultative Committee

I. Smith, J. Hoare (Reserve)

Tickhill Parish Room CommitteeP. Walker M.Wood
Robin Hood AirportP. Walker, I.Smith
Tickhill Town Council WebsiteI. Smith, P.Walker
Tickhill Litter Picking and Snow Warden N.Cannings
Tickhill Today Magazine
Clerk submits the newsletter
YLCA SY Branch
 P.Walker, M.Wood (Reserve)

*indicates chairperson of each committee

Finance Committee 
usually 4 members
P.Walker*, H.Cork, I.Smith, A.Johnson
Staffing Committee
usually 4 members
K.Rochard* P.Walker, I.Smith, M.Wood
Pavilion Management C.Taylor* P.Walker, M.Wood, I.Smith, H.Cork, Pavilion Manager; J. White
Planning Committee J. Hoare*, P.Walker, H.Cork, M.Wood                             
 Events Committee   H.Cork*, C.Taylor, M.Wood. A.Johnson, Pavilion Manager; J.White

Meet Your Councillors

Helen Cork

Helen has lived in Tickhill since 2003 and is married with a son. She joined the Council in 2018.
Helen works as a Senior Procurement Executive for Aviva Insurance after having successfully managed her own consultancy company for 10 years. 
Helen was Chair of the PTA at the school her son attended, Vice Chair of Tickhill Together and has volunteered for various organisations over the years. In her spare time she enjoys activities such as supporting the school summer camps. 
Helen is passionate about Tickhill and our community and when asked to express those feelings, said, “ I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel extensively with my work, but there’s absolutely no feeling like coming home, particularly when home is Tickhill”.

Peter Walker

Pete Walker is the current Chair of Tickhill Town Council and Mayor of Tickhill. Married with two grown children, Pete and his family moved to Tickhill in 1987 whilst he was working in Rotherham. He spent most of his career working in IT; primarily for Carillion, then as IT Director in the Middle East and North Africa. 

When not engaged in council activity Pete remains an unrepentant Petrol Head, having been the proud owner of an early 70’s TR6. He is actively involved in Doncaster Civic Society, is interested in history and increasingly political history and spends many hours learning to play guitar. 

Now retired with two grandsons, Pete is committed to the idea of contributing what he can to the community he and his family were initially attracted to all those years ago. 

Matthew Wood

My wife and I moved to Tickhill 3 years ago and immediately fell in love with the place and the people. We have two children who enjoy their visits to Tickhill when they can. I work as a Director for a medium sized family run engineering company in Barnsley and in my spare time wanted to get involved with doing something good for the community so when I heard of a vacancy on the town council I was thrilled. I am proud and privileged to be able to help support our community and hopefully make a difference.

Chris Taylor

Recently retired, Chris has had the privilege of living and working in Tickhill all his life. 
From his late teens Chris has contributed to many organisations in Tickhill; he was the first Leo President, Chair of St. Mary's PTA and a Governor at St. Mary's. He was also one of the founding members of Tickhill running club.
Chris brings a wealth of experience to the council, having extensive experience at board level in his retail career at NISA and serving as a Trustee of the Charity ‘Making a Difference Locally’. Chris says, "I hope to draw on my experiences to fulfil my role as a Town Councillor for the benefit of all who live in and visit Tickhill".

Kathryn Rochard

I recently moved to Tickhill with my husband, but have known it
all my life with my grandparents and many other family members living here over
the years. I have fond memories of visiting Tickhill as a child and so when the
opportunity came to move here, we jumped at the chance!

I have been a Civil Servant for over 20 years, working in a number of different Government departments and roles, most recently within the Cabinet Office. I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to use the skills I've learnt in my day job to help the people in my local community directly.

In my spare time I enjoy walking with my rescue dog Flossie, and spending time with friends and family. I'm hoping this new role will allow to meet more of the friendly folk of Tickhill, and hope you will take the time to stop and say hello!

John Hoare

Married with two grown up daughters, John moved to Tickhill in the 1990s. Now retired, his career was in Education and he was on Doncaster Borough Council for 8 years. John is the lead councillor on transport and planning for Tickhill Town Council and also chair User Group for South Yorkshire Transport.

John has a keen interest in history and the natural world and is a member of National Wildlife Trusts and  a reader at St Mary’s church.

Ian Smith

Married with three grown children, Ian moved to Tickhill in 1987 following two years in Houston, Texas. Initially trained as a Metallurgist working at the BSC research labs in Rotherham, Ian switched to Engineering Software Development and Information Management in 1980 with Davy Computing and has remained in that field ever since. Following a brief attempt at retirement, Ian returned to work for “one last project” in 2020.

When not working, Ian is an avid board gamer and will happily play games that take 15 minutes or 15 hours. He enjoys classic rock and blues music, ideally live, is very interested in history, particularly local, naval and military, and enjoys visiting the sites he has researched. He has travelled extensively, both for work and pleasure and particularly enjoys long road trips, especially if they’re made up along the way. He relished in the adventure of returning from Baku to the U.K. overland following the 2010 Icelandic volcano eruption. Ian is also an active member of the Steampunk community, a collection of wonderful inventive, engaging and accepting eccentrics who enjoy re-enacting a Victorian period that never existed.