Tickhill Pavilion

Pavilion Remodelling Update

It’s just over 12 months since we put a request on social media for a local builder to undertake the task of re-modelling the Pavilion. It’s been an uphill battle at times, and initially no-one seemed interested in taking on the work, however Dexter Pollard and his team put together a favourable quote and work commenced earlier this year. After several months of hard work, phase one of the re-modelling, which has been funded by grants applied for pre-covid, is now complete! Thanks to the flexibility of Dexter Pollard and his team, disruption has been kept to a minimum, meaning that our regular hirers have continued to be able to use the facilities during most of the works.

So, what have we done?

Both sets of showers, which have been redundant since the football teams moved to other facilities, have been removed and one of these rooms has now been repurposed making it perfect for smaller meetings. Currently used by the local bowling club during the bowling season it has been fitted with its own kitchen, toilet facilities and its own entrance making it private and separate from the main function room. Freshly decorated and carpeted, with a large window opening onto the bowling green it is a self-contained, light and airy function room ideal for smaller meetings.

The entrance hallway has been widened and the access toilet upgraded to meet current specifications making the facilities accessible for all. The main function room now has its own entrance, the redundant doors leading to the main hallway have been replaced with a single set of double doors, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art projector and sound system and upgraded the Wi-Fi, making it an ideal facility for conferences through to screening events.

A new ‘catering’ kitchen has been installed, with a full-size oven and hob, warming cabinet with bain-marie and a new fridge. New flooring has been laid and everywhere has been freshly decorated. New furniture is on order and due to be delivered any time.

We plan to hold an open day for the community to see the facilities on offer and will let you know as soon as we have a date.

Bookings now open!

If you would like to book the Pavilion for your event, please contact our Pavilion Manager Jane on 07395 075061 who will be happy to show you the facilities and discuss hire based on your requirements.


To hire the pavilion for your event please call our bookings number 07935 075061.

October 2023 Completed

main function room

main function room

Catering Kitchen

Accessible entrance hall

meeting room kitchen

small meeting room

small meeting room

Pavilion New Layout

June 2023 Progress

Widened Entrance CorridorEntrance corridor upgrade


Meeting Room OneMeeting Room Upgrade


Main Function Room

Main function room upgrade 


Access Toilet

Access toilet upgrade